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Owl Announnces New Sherpa Gear Carrier at Overland Expo2019

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Owl Announnces New Sherpa Gear Carrier at Overland Expo2019

jim will


Owl Van Engineering is announcing new gear for Sprinter and Revel at Overland Expo today: The all new configurable Sherpa Gear Carrier. According to CEO, John Willenborg, “Customers of our Spare Tire Carrier kept asking for a gear carrier as well, so we went to work and produced the Sherpa, the most innovative and flexible carrier for Sprinter or Revel Vans.”

With Owl’s Sherpa, you’re only limited by your imagination. Sherpa is easily configurable, allowing you to mount almost anything: generators, cargo boxes, Rotopax, fuel cans, bikes, skis and much, much, more. Better yet, items can be quickly switched, bikes in summer, skis in winter.

Sherpa easily installs to either Sprinter rear doors with five bolts and no drilling. Sherpa is cut from a solid plate of rugged but lightweight aluminum. With over 150 mounting holes, 40 slots and two sides, it’s easy to mount almost anything. Owl will be adding mounting accessories over the next few months. With a ski mount and bike mount due out soon.

Like their popular tire carries, Sherpa opens with the door via a patented articulating sway link system. Nothing to swing out of the way, no bumpers to buy, or holes to drill in the door. Most importantly the door just operates normally.

Come by the Owl Van Engineering Booth (L9) at Overland Expo to see the Sherpa in person or For more information email .